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  1. Educational Organizations
    A lifelong educator, Dr. Bierbaum is experienced in serving parent-teacher associations, teachers unions, and other educational groups.
    Dr. Bierbaum has served the Texas State Teachers Association, the New York State Parent-Teachers Association, and many other groups in the field of education. He was parliamentarian for United University Professions, representing the employees of the State University of New York, for 15 years.
  2. Professional Associations
    Dr. Bierbaum has devoted many years to serving nonprofit professional associations such as The Association of Junior Leagues and The National Federation of Music Clubs.
    Dr. Bierbaum was recently honored for completing 25 consecutive years of service to The Association of Junior Leagues International. He served The National Federation of Music Clubs and the Civil Service Employees Association of New York for 15 years. He recently completed 10 years of service to The Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation.
  3. Health Related Associations
    Dr. Bierbaum is experienced in meeting the needs of nurses associations and other health-related associations.
    Dr. Bierbaum served as parliamentarian for The New York State Nurses Association for 30 years and attended many conventions of The American Nurses Association as a parliamentarian-consultant for the NYSNA delegation. Other clients include the American Physical Therapy Association and the Learning Disabilities Association of America.